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Five, thing you should do,and make your life complete,

       Pray your GOD always when you give your heart to God almost your felt strength and freedom than any thing around you.
1)      Be satisfied  few you own, or many you have, Human kind almost has character of being unsatisfied in all his life approaches better you find limitation for your expectation this will make you feel free and incase will make you felt better when your expectation result became big, and always feel richness inside what you have because there are many who trying dreamlike who you are but still being hard to them, this aspect will make you felt your life complete.

2)  if you got paid try buying same thing to eat which almost look different to what you have always tested, try different one and better you take few cash hangouts with friends or girlfriend/boyfriend eat same thing different and get make shopping this will take you to other step of feeling in your life and always helps you to know what you have done was great, and most important job. Many people commit this mistake when they get paid money flows directly to their account time taking
 and same time you forget even balance, try spent little, which opens you to know you what your participation in your life and will help you dream big and your expectation will be almost good.

3)      give time think about friends don’t limit friends you want, and good way make this happen fill love around your community almost try be humble to anyone who need help from you even if you can’t help but even listen, do better work with purpose many they will try learn how your flow things out in almost perfect manner and one day it will come and man or women says to you "you are my role model" and one more thing never committee mistake of being shy this is ruing in case to people who need follow your lead, remember your character and how you do thing is one other best interested key of creating higher number 0f  friends around your community.
4)      Build strong basic, which will build good life, how to do this, if you’re not good enough to be student try find learnt as much different or create it until you turn it to the action this basic try hard find as much that, will helps you be professional and which will lead to respect from different kind people around you.

5)      Last one, if you want your life be complete try had partner in your life, husband, wife,or girlfriend or boyfriend this is great aspect for your life beside of this try hard make sure you have someone special for you this will make your life complete and at time of strong decision he/she will help and your decision will be almost good and strong.