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"Music is second life of virtual and is Image of feeling" fact from That's why song by Brysee

 One of The best RNB Musician  from Rwanda Byrsee He released new track colled "That's why" One of questions we asked brysee as yound star and future sun of Rwanda RNB, why this track colled That why?, we know when we use that why sentences is when we need  to prove what we are saying are right.
He said " love has many tips, tricks, lies,and good moment, and there is moment two people who are in love feel same kind of lasting and that moment appear only for fake love, I write this song in Our native language Kinyarwanda only to tell love and couples they don't have to fake anything just wait moment real thing will work through it self. you don't need to say goodbye love will only say Goodbye before you feel goodbye"

Brysee Youngman from Kigali with ability of writing 10 songs in one day we asked him second question why all those paper still on his book?(songs on notebooks) he said " you know music is second life of virtual and is Image of feeling when I feel  something I write when feel solo I write all I feel I flow them in my book and one day it may come and feel tones of motional moment in all my surrounding from movies, hussle, shoes, my friends, love or what i have seen in TV and leave scars in my brain to my books too, I just i write like cover gap of all my felling bad and good feelings of my daily life and this also way I found my self writing many songs in short period time and of course  that why I found my self having many albums in my hand book but one day I know I will wake up  with my book on my hand and found my self in studio and guess what will happen? i will sing and sing until world understand that star was My paper of Full of motions" 

Lyrics of That'why from Brysee

Verse 1
Nisanze , nisanze , ndi muruko nawe
Nta mbaraga nabona
  Zo kukureka iyee ..
  Oya simbona amakosa
  Oya njye sinzi icyo wampaye

  Oya sinzi aho zava izatuma njye nkusezeraho
That's why that's why that's why (-) I will never
Let you go

That's why that's why that's why (-) I will never 
Let you go

Heee I w'll never let you
Never let you  I w' ll never let you go  oh na na na na
Heee I w'll never let you 
Never let you  I w' ll never let you go  oh na na na na

Verse 2
Nagerageje kubireka
Nziko aribisanzwe
Ark byarananiye nukuri
Oya sinzi aho zava
Izatuma njye nkusezeraho
That's why that's why
That's why I will never let you go.

was produced by DANYBEATS

you can check song on youtube click here