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How can you identify intelligent people?

I believe truly intelligent people have a curious orientation towards the world and at least at some unconscious level they realize there is so much that they do not know yet.
It is more of an appeal to being wise, but if you are "intelligent" and super egoic and think you know everything how intelligent are you? And of course being curious doesn't necessarily make you intelligent. Which is why my answer was the quality of questions. Does the person ask questions and do they ask questions that allow them to more deeply understand what they are asking questions about? And do they ask questions about topics that have some weight?

22 How can you identify intelligent people
  1.  They've a “stay and permit live” mentality.
  2. They may now not continually consider the whole lot you are saying, but they may nonetheless pay attention on your point with out forcing their opinion on you.
  3. They would alternatively avoid small talk as smart human beings find it needless or electricity draining.
  4. They do now not get protective whilst their ideas and beliefs are challenged.
  5. They do not find silence uncomfortable unlike the majority, so they never try to fill the void and talk just for the sake of talking.
  6. They may be blatantly sincere at times which can also purpose hurting of a person else’s emotions.
  7. They have got a super strength of mind, now not succumbing to procrastination and instant gratification.
  8. They love their very own corporation.
  9. They have got a very good sense of humor.
  10. They remain curious and adaptable.
  11. They don’t blame others for his or her unfortune or disappointment.
  12. They continually take duty for what they do and say.
  13.  Highly Intelligent people tend to overintellectualize things.

14. They're perfectionists. Perfectionism is "the smart person's version of Fear of Failure," according to Sethi.
15. They are afraid of looking stupid.
16. They forget what it's like to be a beginner.
17. Smart people are more often alone.
18. They know how much they don't know.
19. They are more likely to fall prey to stereotypes.
"This Picture Is used for Illustrative Purposes only"
20. They are more easily distracted.
21. They are weighed down by expectations.
22.. Intelligent people always feel Lonely.

What are your views on this? Drop all your comments below.

Disclaimer: this answer is primarily based on many smart human beings I recognize and traits they share. But I manifestly don’t assume all of us to have every unmarried one of the above mentioned developments just to be taken into consideration shrewd.