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10 things that make me happy

 Occasionally, when you get swept up in the rapid flowing contemporary of lifestyles, it’s all too smooth to recognition at the bad; the things that strain you out, that make you angry, unhappy, tense or down. Then we neglect all approximately the things that make us happy, they certainly faded away into insignificance, suffocated by way of the terrible and buried deep down…however they’re nevertheless there.

As adults we take these happy things without any consideration, we no longer make an effort to notice the small matters that surround us regular, that perhaps as youngsters we took awesome satisfaction in looking at, cherishing and being virtually inquisitive about.

This week i used to be tagged in a blog publish by using Jen Mellor from just average Jen, hard me to provide you with 10 reasons to be glad, so I concept I’d positioned a moderate twist on it and instead of give you motives for my happiness I’ve prepare 10 things (whether or not it's gadgets, people, moments and many others.) that make me happy. I'm hoping you enjoy reading thru them 🙂

Exploring a new lodge Room

I like, love, LOVE that very first step into a resort room and seeing how immaculate and easy the whole lot is after which the fine bit…having a terrific old nose spherical the location. Come on admit it, you all do it right?

What are the smellies like? Are they well worth nicking?

Are there any biscuits by means of the tea and espresso tray? In that case are we speaking custard creams or scottish shortbread?

Is there a trouser press? Adequate, so no person honestly makes use of it, however I still like to comprehend it’s there!

Is there a bible within the bedside drawer? In that case, which side? ‘Cos I need to sleep the other aspect (I’m weird like that)

Is there a vacationer ebook? Oooo ooo permit me see what Sandra from Kent had to mention approximately her live.

And if there’s a non-public message left via the hotel supervisor, any shape of towel artwork on the mattress or a present of neighborhood artisan goodies/gin/wine/something, i'm literally squealing and hopping round the room like an excited baby at Christmas.

Yeah as you may inform I sincerely do love a lodge room, nicely most effective for that initial go searching, however it certain does make me happy!

Strolling Barefoot

Roll on hotter climate, due to the fact on foot around the house barefoot is, for me, one in all existence’s small pleasures. I haven’t precisely were given the nicest feet inside the world (I’m sure strolling hasn’t helped with that!), but it’s super what a coat of polish can do to convert even the hobbitiest of ft – yep spot that made up phrase! At the risk of sounding a chunk new age hippy, being freed from socks and shoes makes me feel greater at one with nature, and i really like that. Whether or not it’s sand, grass, a cold hard floor or a smooth, squishy carpet, i like the feel of different textures and the carefree, simplicity that being barefoot does for the soul. Bring forth the summer!


I’ve always loved phrases – made up words, phrases that sound like what they're, new words, phrase origins, play on words, stupid words; I simply love them. I take notable pride within the electricity, creativity and freedom of expression of words and with out them i might experience an awesome sadness. I am so grateful to have a process that permits me to embody my love of words on a day by day basis, that we could me mess around with phrases and make words up to my hearts content material. And with any luck you revel in reading my words as tons as I enjoy writing them.

Own family a laugh

This one’s a piece of an apparent one definitely, but it would be wrong if I didn’t include it as having amusing with the own family deffo makes me happy. But more specially it’s the sort of fun that has us rolling round at the ground laughing, or making a song silly made up songs that handiest we get, or making yucky potions inside the garden, or occurring adventures and experiencing new matters together. For all of the bickering, again chat, arguments about Minecraft, moaning approximately the amount of Marmite in a sandwich (if you recognize my children, you already know that is exactly the type of issue I need to positioned up with!) while we spend satisfactory time collectively every single one of us is happy. And if my circle of relatives are satisfied, I’m glad.

First Cup of espresso of the Day

That moment, earlier than everyone else inside the house is awake, and i’m capable of creep downstairs, placed the kettle on and understand that I’ve got 1/2 an hours peace earlier than all hell breaks lose for every other day, that is what the first cup of coffee method to me. That first cup of coffee continually manages to flavor higher than any subsequent cups and i like how it’s restorative extraordinary powers help to wake me up and make me sense human again. By the time I’ve finished, all people’s up, the residence is humming with lifestyles and that i experience geared up to stand regardless of the day throws at me.

Human beings looking

I’m the first to admit that I’m a nosy so and so, not in a Mrs Mangle curtain twitching stalker type of manner, greater of an interested by what other people are doing, chatting approximately, carrying type of manner. Perhaps it’s due to the fact I’m a writer and it facilitates deliver me thoughts and inspire me, however I just find people so charming. So if you see me sat in a restaurant by myself occasionally searching up with a mild smile on my face, or in case you see me looking over at you within the playground for a piece longer than is well mannered, I apologise, I simply can't assist myself.

DISCLAIMER: All names might be modified in any weblog posts I write 😉 JOKING!

Going for walks throughout Fields

A year in the past today and there’s no manner i would have even imagined that this would characteristic in my happy list, yet here it's far. Yep, jogging across muddy fields, first element in the morning, as the sun’s just popping it’s head up, there’s a fresh chunk to the air, there’s nobody around and the arena is silent…this is my satisfied vicinity. It makes me feel as though I’m on pinnacle of the arena, it’s my ‘me’ time, a time to mirror, to acquire my thoughts and to give me a few clarity earlier than cracking on with the rest of my day. It's miles nature’s satisfied tablets and if most effective we all prescribed ourselves a bit extra of it, the world would be a much happier region.

Trashy tv

That is my top guilty pleasure. I know i might come across all clever and that, but honestly there’s not anything i like greater than sinking down into the sofa and whacking on a few trashy tv. I’m speaking TOWIE, Gogglebox, Ibiza Weekender, Tattoo Fixers, Dinner Date; the trashier the higher as some distance as I’m worried. It enables me loosen up, it makes my mind absolutely transfer off and, if I’m being absolutely honest, it makes me experience an entire lot better approximately myself!

Clean Bedding on a Sunday night time

Climbing into fresh, crisp clean bedding makes me very happy and i don’t assume I’ll ever prevent loving it. I constantly change our bedding on a Sunday, and for me sparkling bedding = fresh week.

The 3 P’s

Adequate, so strictly speakme this is three, however hiya it’s my blog submit my rules 😉

So, the three P’s…what are they?



Poo jokes

I really like ’em all! Invite me to spend an evening in my PJ’s, glugging Prosecco and telling poo jokes, and my god have you got me all excited. I might spend my life in my pyjamas if I may want to escape with it, but handiest at the back of closed doorways mind, i'm deffo not one of those faculty mums. I love the secure looseness and that feeling of hibernation and safety that pyjamas supply me, it’s sort of like getting a hug from your clothes isn’t it? And Prosecco, well that wishes no explanation, I imply it’s Prosecco! As for poo jokes…I’m a big youngster, what can i say. It amuses me when humans fart, gambling Plop Trumps makes me snicker and it proper cracks me up when my children sing songs approximately poo.

So there you have got it, 10 matters that make me glad. Quite easy things really, but 10 things specific to me so one can continually guarantee to put a grin on my face, warm my coronary heart simply that little bit more and make me feel particularly grateful for all that existence gives me.

I think we should all do with spending a piece of time to well known the things that make us satisfied and i would like it in case you shared yours with me.