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Does love exist

 A few humans say that there may be no genuine love inside the international, but it seems that the person who said this is true love. It's simply that his true love met with heartlessness. His heart turned into deeply harm by love. His genuine love did no longer meet the proper individual. So he didn't need to trust in love any more. He did not need to believe that there have been people who paid true love in this international.

Love seems to constantly meet a fool who is infatuated like a idiot, and the opposite is a foxy villain. That fool may be bruised by that villain, but there are nonetheless a thousand I would love, so nobody and love may be justified, so in the front of affection. Hurt is a commonplace aspect, due to the fact love will not pity each person, susceptible in the face of love simplest failure, simplest discrimination. Consequently, there's no justice in front of love.

The extra human beings grow up, the extra hard it's far for romance to be easy. Because the impurity of human itself is likewise growing, how can we ask love to be pure all the time? But I constantly have a voice in my coronary heart telling myself: "all of the rules for the other half are set for strangers, because when authentic love comes, all troubles will not be a hassle." due to the fact the essence of affection ought to no longer be combined with some thing. In different phrases, there may be no actual love. Because if love isn't always pure enough, it can't be called "love".

However on this impetuous generation, can my values be found out? I have met too many folks who come and cross in a rush and don't have any endurance to watch for precipitation. They're inclined to peer plant life and culmination, but they may be now not inclined to sow and fertilize. Time is so pricey, how can or not it's spent on a person who has no outcomes? As time is going with the aid of, I steadily feel that, compared with floating in a similar samsara, it's far greater sensible to permit myself turn out to be dependent. But, such I nonetheless agree with in love, can permit me heartthrob love. Despite the fact that she has been single, she remains ready to head on a date referred to as "love".