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When to Hire a Business Coach and Where to Find One

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When to Hire a Business Coach and Where to Find One

If you're feeling stuck in your business, the College of Executive Coaching notes that a business coach can help you overcome challenges and break through to new levels of growth. Vanlovamagazine shares a few tips and words of advice on when and how to hire a business coach.

Signs You Need a Business Coach

Have you been wondering whether it's time to bite the bullet and invest in a business coach? Here are the top 10 signs you're ready:

1. You feel stuck and can't move forward
2. You lack direction in your business and need a compass
3. You're overwhelmed
4. You've lost motivation
5. You need someone to bounce ideas off of
6. You feel alone "at the top" of your business
7. You want to develop new skills
8. You need someone to push you toward growth
9. You desire more accountability
10. You need fresh eyes on your business

How to Find a Business Coach

Business coaches abound. The key is to find one who meshes with your personality. Here are a few ways to start your search:

• Reach out to entrepreneurial friends for referrals

• Follow coaches on Instagram, and see who you click with

• Subscribe to a number of coaches' email lists to get a feel for the kind of value they deliver 

• Try a coaching directory


Setting Yourself Up for Success

Not every coach will be the right fit for you. Follow these tips to set yourself up for success with the coach you've chosen:

• Ask for a free consultation. Before committing to a coaching package, ask for a complimentary discovery call with the coach to find out if your styles gel.

• Find someone who knows your industry. Before hiring a business coach, ensure they specialize in your industry and are familiar with its unique challenges and strategies. 


Finding the Funds to Hire a Coach

Retaining coaching services is an investment in your business. According to Bark, private coaching can cost $85 to $170 per hour, or even more, depending on the coach's education and experience. But if you've determined that business coaching is necessary for growth, it's worth it to rearrange your finances to prioritize this goal, at least for a few months. 

There are several ways you can do this:

• Save on costs in another area. Look at your finances, and see where you can cut back. For example, if you're planning to structure your business as an LLC to benefit from limited liability and tax advantages, you can file the LLC paperwork online yourself or through a formation service and save on legal fees. Each state has its own rules surrounding LLC registration, so check your state's regulations.

• Take on extra work. Taking on an extra project or client may give you the funds you need to set aside for your coach.

• Ask for a volume discount. Many coaches offer discounts if you purchase packages. You could save 20 to 30% by prepaying for multiple sessions.

• Start with group coaching. If you can't afford one-on-one coaching just yet, find out if the coach you want to work with offers a group coaching program. 


Plan for Business Growth

The right coach can help you unlock the barriers that are holding you back, formulate new strategies, and set you on the path to business success.


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