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Are we really living in a matrix type existence or is everything exactly as it seems?

One thing for sure — everything can be perceived or experienced as it seems. Any experience results from vastly complex network of interactions — and many such interactions can be grouped into different levels or layers. Effectively, such integrative layers can be considered as virtual realities. For example, there is a virtual reality of molecular biology, a virtual reality of ecosystems and mammalian organisms/homo sapiens, and — finally — the virtual reality of human culture.

So yes, we are living in a matrix type existence, but our matrix mostly runs on top of chemical reactions, which themselves run on top of more elementary physical interactions.

Things are VERY rarely what they seem. Most of the time, they are the exact opposite.

If you believe that everything is exactly as it seems, then that is how everything is and that is all you will ever experience.

If you choose not to believe this however, then you will start to look at things more closely - and you will see another side of life that will eventually have you wondering why very few others can see it as well. Life becomes far more fulfilling and interesting when you start to look “behind the stage”. It can also get harder, because you become more aware of all the machinations that are in place to dissuade you from looking or even caring.

The “matrix” is the structure you begin to see when you you focus your attention on how the world works from the perspective of power and control. You begin to understand the dangers presented by corrupt and evil corporations and other organizations and individuals. This is in stark contrast to the outward appearance these entities like to present.

Ultimately, it is YOU who decides what you want to believe - and whatever that is, you will find sufficient “proof” for that belief - as long as it SUITS you to do so.

It is only when the world comes knocking at your door hard enough that you will find sufficient reason to review your belief system.

Neo and Trinity's presence in this new chapter was directly influenced by Lana Wachowski's personal life. According to the director, these are the two most important characters in her life, and the fact of introducing them into the story helped her to overcome the moments after the loss of her parents (they died just 5 weeks apart) and a close friend.

What do few people in the world know about Matrix 4?

If on the one hand Lana chose to return to the Matrix universe and use Neo and Trinity as a way of dealing with the loss, her sister Lily Wachowski chose to stay out of the project as she was still grieving.

Keanu Reeves and Carrie Anne-Moss returned but they weren't the only ones approached. Hugo Weaving, who played Agent Smith in the previous films, was also invited. However, the actor refused the invitation due to a conflict of agenda with other ongoing projects.

In addition to Reeves and Moss, “Matrix Resurrections” also features other actors from the previous films, namely Jada Pinkett Smith, Daniel Bernhardt, Lambert Wilson and Clayton Watson.

To maintain secrecy, the project went into production in San Francisco, in February 2020, under the name “Project Ice Cream” (trans. Projecto Gelado).

This is the first film in the Matrix saga to be filmed digitally. The first three were shot in a Super 35 format.

Of the entire Matrix saga, this is the only one that doesn't have a photograph by Bill Pope or a soundtrack by Don Davis.

The first teaser revealed shows Neo's bottle of pills, passed on to his alter ego Thomas Anderson. The drug's name, Ontolofloxin, is a nod a 'ontology' (ontology), known to be the part of metaphysics that deals with the nature, reality and existence of being.